Hi! my real world name is Camila Macías but you can call me mat or tacho, I love them both. I'm currently living in Bogotá, Colombia. I define myself as a graphic designer in love with animation and burgers.
I specialize in Illustration, cover design, branding and editorial design. I love creating stuff and I'm a sticker creator and lover. I'm currently learning motion design and how to dance without being drunk.
Now for the serious stuff I studied graphic design at Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano, in Colombia; I took a training course in creation and modeling of 3D characters and another one in editorial design. I'm able to speak in two languages and a half: Spanish, English and Semi-French (yeah, sorry but I'm still learning this one).
I'm available for freelance projects - contact me if you have a question, you would like to work with me or just simply want to send a secret admirer letter.
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